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With rearing poultry there are many types of birds one can choose from. You can find a wide array of birds that are great for a homestead that serve various purposes. They can provide meat for sustenance as well as fertilizer. Chickens are the most common of birds you’ll find in a homestead. They also offer copious amounts of eggs. You’ll find that there are plenty of choices to choose from. Well discuss some down below.


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Chickens are probably one of the easiest of birds you can keep in a farm setting. They are great for beginners. There are various breeds that all specialize in bringing out specific characteristics. Some breeds are better for small spaces than others. Some chickens are better and more prolific egg layers than others, while others are just for aesthetics. Here we will go over some of the best types for meat production , beauty and for eggs as well as best breeds that are great for rearing young. Although don’t worry with todays modern technology you can multiply your flock with little to no effort depending on the incubator. Which we will also help cover



Turkey to have in a homestead for their delicious flavor.

Guinea fowl

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